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Why are leisure tricycles popular with the elderly

A few decades ago, the roads were mainly bicycles and public transportation. With the development of the country’s economy and the increase in the income of ordinary people, the roads have changed a lot now. Bicycles have basically been eliminated, and various means of transportation , There is everything that one expects to find on the road in our country.

The mainstream means of transportation that can be seen on the road today, in addition to public transportation, cars, electric vehicles, four-wheeled scooters for the elderly, and three-wheeled electric vehicles are all models that can be seen everywhere. Let the common people choose a more suitable means of transportation.

And the means of transportation are not static. In recent years, some small electric tricycles can be seen on the road. They appeared in the Guangdong area in the early days. Nowadays, such small electric tricycles can be seen in many cities across the country. Businessmen call it The number of “recreational electric tricycles” is constantly increasing, and most of the drivers are middle-aged and elderly people. So, what are the advantages of this kind of transportation, why are they popular with the elderly, and many people are concerned about whether they should For driver’s license issues, WELLSMOVE will introduce you in detail.

Leisure tricycle has become a “dark horse”

If you want to say that among the current means of transportation, the model that appeared relatively late in the field of vision is the leisure electric tricycle. According to the sales data of tricycles, the production and sales of recreational electric tricycles will be about 2.2 million in 2020, while the production and sales of caravans (including semi-canopies) will be about 2.4 million. Needless to say, recreational electric tricycles have become a “dark horse” among new types of transportation.

Due to the relatively low technical content of leisure electric tricycles, like old scooters, they were manufactured by small workshops and small enterprises in the early days. As the products are welcomed by the market, more and more non-traditional electric tricycle brands are now , also officially entered the leisure electric tricycle category.

What are the advantages of recreational tricycles, and why are they popular with the elderly?

As an insider, I don’t think that recreational electric vehicles have much innovation, nor do I think it has core technology and functions, but why it has become a popular choice for middle-aged and elderly people is inseparable from the following points;

1. Elderly scooters are limited

A very important reason why leisure tricycles have been favored by the market in recent years is that in many places, the use of covered tricycles and four-wheeled old-age scooters has been managed, and even some places have directly restricted their use. Why is this Cars appeared in Guangdong in the early days, because everyone in the industry knows that Guangdong is a place where “motorcycle bans and electricity restrictions” are relatively active. There are no covered tricycles and old-age scooters to choose from. Such leisure three-wheeled electric cars have become an option. , and as more and more places strengthen the management of scooters for the elderly, it will have the opportunity to become popular across the country.

2. Leisure electric tricycles are cheap

Although older generation scooters and covered tricycles are much cheaper than cars, the price of covered tricycles is basically more than 8,000 yuan, while elderly scooters are basically 10,000 to 20,000 yuan, and leisure electric tricycles are not enclosed. The body of the model does not have too much technical content, and the configuration is basically the same as that of an electric bicycle, so its price will be more affordable.

An ordinary leisure electric tricycle, from the top-ranking model of a certain treasure, the price starts from 1799 yuan, the vehicle is equipped with a 48V22AH black gold battery, the battery life is 30 kilometers, the price is 2799 yuan, basically the same as an electric tricycle The price of the bicycle is comparable. Compared with other old scooters, it is still very cheap and cost-effective.

3. Can meet the needs of daily use

In fact, the needs of the elderly to use vehicles are very simple. It is nothing more than going out for a walk, shopping for vegetables, and picking up grandchildren and granddaughters from school. For these short-distance trips, leisure electric tricycles are sufficient. Moreover, it is compact and flexible, and it is convenient to park. In the process of using the car, the degree of convenience is not low. Since it can satisfy daily travel, it can naturally be accepted by everyone.

Leisure electric tricycles can be welcomed and recognized by the market, which has a lot to do with its own function and price, and is also related to the restrictions on other better means of transportation. In short, leisure tricycles are now one of the main models of transportation for the elderly One, however, someone asked, other tricycles and four-wheelers need a driver’s license, don’t recreational electric tricycles need it?

Post time: Mar-23-2023