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Which folding electric car and electric scooter should choose

In order to meet people’s needs for short-distance travel and the last mile of bus travel, more and more transportation tools appear in people’s lives, such as electric motorcycles, folding electric bicycles, electric scooters, balance cars and other new products One after another, among these means of transportation, electric scooters and small-wheeled electric bicycles have become the most popular products nowadays, but consumers often wander back and forth between the two when purchasing, not knowing about electric scooters and electric folding. Which bike is better for you. Today we will talk about which electric scooter and small wheel electric bicycle to choose.

Product principle and price comparison:
Electric scooters are upgraded based on traditional scooters. Batteries, motors, lights, dashboards, computer chips and other components are added to human scooters. At the same time, systems such as wheels, brakes, and frames are upgraded to derive Products such as electric scooters generally appear more in daily life travel, especially popular with office workers. At present, the price of electric scooters ranges from 1,000 yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. They are very popular among young people in developed countries in Europe and America and in big cities in China.
Small-wheeled electric bicycles are upgraded based on bicycles. On the basis of bicycles, batteries, motors, lights, instrument panels, computer chips and other components are also added, thus resulting in products such as electric bicycles. There are many types of electric bicycles according to the size of the wheels. In this article, only small-wheeled electric bicycles are discussed, that is, electric bicycles with tires between 14 inches and 20 inches. Since China is a big bicycle, the acceptance of bicycles is higher than that of scooters. At present, the price of small-wheeled electric bicycles ranges from 2,000 yuan to 5,000 yuan.

Performance comparison:
1. Portability
The electric scooter is composed of frame, wheel, battery, braking system, lighting system, instrument panel and other parts. The net weight of a 36V 8AH lithium battery 8-inch lightweight electric scooter is about 17 kg, and the length after folding is generally not long. It will exceed 1.2 meters and the height should not exceed 50 cm. It can be carried by hand or put in the trunk.
Small-wheeled electric bicycles generally have more than 14-inch tires, plus protruding parts such as pedals, so they will be larger than scooters when folded, and they are irregular. It is not as convenient as electric scooters to put in the trunk.

2. Passability
The tire size of electric scooters generally does not exceed 10 inches. It is relatively easy to face the general urban road, but in the case of poor road conditions, the passing situation is not ideal, and you must be extra careful when driving.
The tire size of electric bicycles is generally more than 14 inches, so it is easy to ride on urban roads or poor roads, and the passability is better than that of electric scooters.

3. Security
Both electric scooters and electric bicycles are non-motorized vehicles without additional safety devices. In theory, they are only allowed to drive at low speeds on non-motorized vehicle lanes. Electric scooters generally use standing riding methods, with a relatively high center of gravity, flexible and convenient. Install the seat to ride in a seated position. The center of gravity of electric bicycles is relatively low, and it is also the way of riding that everyone is accustomed to since childhood.

4. Bearing capacity
The bearing capacity of electric scooters and electric bicycles is not much different, but since electric bicycles can be equipped with shelves or auxiliary seats, they can carry two people when needed, so in terms of bearing capacity, electric bicycles have relatively more advantages.

5. Battery life
Both electric scooters and small-wheeled electric bicycles are single-wheel drive. Generally, the motor power is 250W-500W, and the battery life is basically the same under the same battery capacity.

6. Driving Difficulty
The driving method of electric scooters is similar to that of scooters. Since domestic scooters are less popular than bicycles, when electric scooters ride in a standing position, they need a little practice to ride smoothly; in the case of riding in a sitting position down, the same difficulty as an electric bike. Electric bicycles are based on bicycles, so there is basically no difficulty in riding.

7. Speed
Both electric scooters and electric bicycles have two wheels in series, and the motor power is basically the same, but electric bicycles have larger wheels and better passability, so they can have higher speeds on urban roads. Due to the high center of gravity of the electric scooter when riding in a standing position, it is not recommended to speed too high, and the speed in the sitting position can be slightly higher. Neither e-scooters nor e-bikes are recommended to exceed speeds of 20 km/h.

8. Riding without electricity
In the absence of electricity, electric scooters can slide by foot, and electric bicycles can be driven by human power like bicycles. At this point, e-bikes are better than e-scooters

Summary: Electric scooters and small-wheeled electric bicycles, as two different types of portable means of transportation, are also very similar in function positioning, which is the main reason why we compare these two types of products. Secondly, in actual use, the difference between the two types of products in portability, battery life and speed is not obvious. In terms of passability and speed, small-wheeled electric bicycles are more dominant than electric scooters, while electric scooters are more fashionable. It is superior to small wheel electric bicycles in terms of performance and portability. Consumers should choose according to their actual use. If it is used as an urban travel tool, there is not much difference between the two, whether it is an electric scooter or a small-wheeled electric bicycle.

Post time: Nov-09-2022