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What to consider when choosing an electric scooter(2)

In above tiles we talked about weight, power, ride distance and speed. There are more thing we need to consider when choosing a electric scooter.

1. Tires size and types
At present, electric scooters mainly have two-wheel design, some use three-wheel design, and the wheel diameter of tires is 4.5, 6, 8, 10, 11.5 inches, the more common wheel diameter is 6-10 inches. It is recommended to buy a larger tire as it is more comfortable during riding.
Solid tire is good choose if you wont like to change the tire tubes when it is flated.
At present, the main tires on the market are solid tires and pneumatic tires. Solid tires will be stronger and more durable, but the shock absorption effect is slightly worse; the shock absorption effect of pneumatic tires is better than that of solid tires. More comfortable, but there is a risk of a flat tire.

2. Brake types
Braking is a very important for electric scooters, which can avoid the danger caused by acceleration, deceleration, or emergencies. Now many electric scooters are with a combination of electronic brakes and physical brakes. For low speed and small wheel electric scooters, electronic brake is enough to stop, while a physical brake is necessary for faster speed scooters.

3. Shock absorption
The shock absorption is directly related to the comfort of riding and it can also play a role in protecting the body. Most of the current electric scooters are with front and rear shock absorbers. Some electric scooters are with front wheel shock absorbers only. It is no problem riding on flat ground, but on bad condition ground, absorbers assist a lot.
The design of the absorption is very important. If it is not well designed and put on the right position, the absorbers are only decoration, cannot fulfil its function even it is very expensive.

Post time: Sep-28-2022