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What to consider when choosing an electric scooter(1)

There so many electric scooters in the market, and it is hard to make decision which one to choose. Below points you may need to consider, and make decision depend on your real demand.

1. Scooter Weight
There are two kind frame materials for electric scooters, ie steel and aluminum alloy. Steel frame scooter normally is heavier than aluminum alloy. If you need light weight and accept a high price, can choose aluminum frame models, otherwise steel frame electric scooter is cheaper and stronger. City electric scooters are smaller and light weight than off road electric scooters. Smaller wheels models normally are lighter than big wheel models.

2. Scooter Power Motor
Chinese brand motors are very well builded now and even in light weight scooter sector, it is leading the trend.
Regarding motor power, it is not correct that the bigger the better. Well matched motor with controller and battery is the most important for a scooter. Anyway there is a lot consideration refer this matching, different scooters are with different demand. Our team are professional on it and with a lot of experience. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any problem or question on it.

3. Ride distance(Range)
If you are for short distance use, 15-20kms range is enough. If it is use to do daily commute use, suggest to choose a scooter with minimum 30kms range. Many brand the same model is of different prices which is normally differs from the battery size. The big size battery gives more range. Make decision depend on your real demand and your budget.

4. Speed
The speed for light weight small wheels scooters is generally 15-30km/h. A more faster speed is dangerous especially during sudden brake. For some big power scooter over 1000w, the max speed can reach 80-100km/h which are for sports, not daily commute use. Most countries has speed regulation of 20-25km/h, and need to wear helmet to ride on side path.
Many electric scooters are with two or three speeds available. when you get your new scooter, better to ride at a low speed to get know how the scooters goes, it is more safe.

Post time: Aug-10-2022