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What to be care riding an electric scooter?

What to be care riding an electric scooter?

1. Control the balance and ride at low speed
At begaining of using the electric scooter, first important thing is to control the balance of the body, and ride at a low-speed mode on the road. In the state of high-speed riding, you must not brake suddenly to prevent inertia from shotting yourself fly out and cause injury.

2. Do not ride on some roads
Some Electric scooters cannot be used on any roads, and they are prohibited from being used on some bumpy roads, roads with snow and water. Even it is off road electric scooter, cannot ride too fast at bad condition road, or insert into water.

3. Reasonable storage and regular inspection
Please be careful to avoid sun exposure and rain when storing electric scooters. The wheels of the scooter are the most easily damaged parts. You should always check the stability and firmness of the tires and maintain them regularly. Regularly check the tightness of the screws to ensure the firmness of the assembly.

4. Obey the law and enforce supervision
Follow the local policy "Road Traffic Management Regulations", many types of scooters are not allowed to be used as means of transportation. It is recommended to be used in closed community roads, indoor venues, park roads and other specific occasions.

Post time: Aug-10-2022