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What is it like to commute to get off work on an electric scooter?

Let me talk about the feeling first:
So cool, handsome, I personally like this feeling very much. . The kind of thieves.
You can also stroll around when you are tired. Very convenient, you can walk around,
I personally think it’s really good,
It won’t be like sweating or being particularly tired when riding a bicycle (I’m lazy and don’t like exercising)
Unlike motorcycles, sometimes clothes will wrinkle when wearing a suit, and secondly, motorcycles are very dangerous. I don’t know why, it may be because many people do not obey the traffic rules
Secondly, the building is mainly a suggestion for buying a car. You can find a car with a battery life of about 25 kilometers for 11 kilometers.
Secondly, you have to consider the road conditions, buy the top speed if it is spacious or more suitable for fast speed, (I personally do not recommend exceeding 30, electric scooters are not electric motorcycles after all, if you want such a high speed, it is better to buy an electric motorcycle)
At the same time, considering the road conditions, you can also consider how the shock absorbers are.
Consider your needs again, men and women, whether you need to go up and down stairs, you can be the same weight as you carry, consider the weight of the car. Because the current electric scooters generally do not have an alarm system, it would be very troublesome if stolen, so everyone basically chooses to carry them with them.

Cars with high battery life are generally heavy, such as Shengte, imax, etc. This is inevitable, and it is not suitable for going up and down stairs or carrying them. But WELLSMOVE is very light, but the whole body is made of carbon fiber, and it is very light, but the cost of carbon fiber is high after all, and the second is that it is ultra-light, and it will definitely lose some shock absorbers. Many people say that this car can basically only be used in subways or shopping malls. Not suitable for the road.
Do you need a seat? I was in Yongkang. I saw many electric scooters sitting on them. In fact, I don’t really understand them. Sometimes I feel like I’m squatting in a pit, because the body needs to be folded, so it must be with a seat. There must also be certain restrictions, and then it feels very small, but personal aesthetics are different, and you may find it very comfortable.

Price, you can refer to the price.
The main difference between an electric motorcycle and a scooter is whether it is foldable, the maximum speed or something. The landlord asked about the electric scooter. I think it is just for convenience. . So when choosing a scooter, you must pay attention to this matter, whether it is convenient or not.
Fish and bear’s paw can’t have both, just like making the mobile phone bigger and bigger, it is convenient for watching videos or other experiences, but it does lose portability and can’t be carried in a pocket. Power consumption is fast and so on.

There are also some odds and ends. For example, a car with a name starting with d is dual-drive. Many car enthusiasts usually choose it, which costs tens of thousands of yuan, but it can make the skateboard fly for a while.
There are also styles, colors, whether it is smart, whether it is remote control, whether it is anti-theft with GPS, etc. The final results of different choices are definitely different.
If you are more detailed, you can also consider brakes and electronic brakes. EPS anti-lock brakes, disc brakes, and more.
What’s the handle like?
How to turn the handle.
Acceleration is linear plus or linear acceleration.
What’s the top speed,
What is a battery. Wait, there is a limit to just picking a few of these, and you will be able to find the car that suits you best right away.
I hope I can give some references to the landlord, just So

Post time: Mar-03-2023