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What battery is used on electric scooters?

Batteries are mainly divided into three kind including dry battery, lead battery, lithium battery.

1. Dry battery
Dry batteries are also called manganese-zinc batteries. The so-called dry batteries are relative to voltaic batteries, and the so-called manganese-zinc refers to their raw materials. For dry batteries of other materials such as silver oxide batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries. The voltage of the manganese-zinc battery is 15V. Dry batteries consume chemical raw materials to generate electricity. It's not a high voltage and can't draw more than 1 amp of continuous current. It is not used on our electric scooters but only used on some toys and many home applications.


2. Lead battery
Lead acid Batteries are one of the most widely used batteries, many of our models are use this battery including electric trikes, offroad two wheel electric scooter models. A glass tank or plastic tank is filled with sulfuric acid, and two lead plates are inserted, one is connected to the positive pole of the charger, and the other is connected to the negative pole of the charger. After more than ten hours of charging, a battery is formed. It has 2 volts between its positive and negative terminals.
The advantage of the battery is that it can be used repeatedly. In addition, due to its extremely small internal resistance, it can provide a large current. Use it to power the car's engine, and the instantaneous current can reach more than 20 amps. The battery stores electrical energy when charging, and converts chemical energy into electrical energy when discharging.

3. Lithium battery
It is more regularly used on the two wheel light weight electric scooters, including the popular branded scooters, moped scooters and electric cars. The advantages of lithium batteries are high single cell voltage, large specific energy, long storage life (up to 10 years), good high and low temperature performance, and can be used at -40 to 150 °C. The disadvantage is that it is expensive and the security is not high. In addition, voltage hysteresis and safety issues need to be improved. Vigorously develop power batteries and the emergence of new cathode materials, especially the development of lithium iron phosphate materials, is of great help to the development of lithium batteries.
It is very important for electric scooters lithium battery to have good matched and high quality charger. Many problem is happening during charging.


Post time: Aug-10-2022