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Not wearing a helmet will be severely punished, and South Korea strictly controls electric scooters on the road

News from IT House on May 13 According to CCTV Finance, starting today, South Korea officially implemented the amendment to the “Road Traffic Law”, which strengthened the restrictions on the use of single-person electric vehicles such as electric scooters: it is strictly forbidden to wear helmets, Riding a bicycle with people, riding an electric scooter after drinking, etc., and requiring users to hold a motorcycle or above driver’s license, the minimum age of use has also been raised from 13 years old to 16 years old, and violations will face 20,000-20 A fine ranging from 10,000 won (approximately RMB 120-1100).

According to statistics, the proportion of serious accidents involving electric scooters is 4.4 times that of motor vehicles. Due to the fast driving speed, poor stability, and no physical protective devices of electric scooters, once an accident occurs, it is easy to directly collide with the human body and cause serious injury.

IT Home learned that at present, the number of electric scooters in South Korea is close to 200,000, which has doubled in two years. While the industry is expanding rapidly, the number of related safety accidents has also increased sharply, reaching nearly 900 in the whole of last year. Increased by more than 3 times.

Post time: Feb-17-2023