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Is it necessary to have dual-drive electric skateboards?

Dual-drive electric scooters are better, because they are safer and more powerful. Dual-drive: fast acceleration, strong climbing, but heavier than single-drive, and shorter battery life
Single drive: The performance is not as good as dual drive, and there will be a certain degree of deflection force, but it is lighter and has a longer battery life.
Single-drive electric vehicles and dual-drive electric vehicles are suitable for different driving situations. In terms of power, there is not much difference between the two. In terms of energy consumption, specific analysis is required. If you usually only travel as a means of transportation and the road conditions are good, it is recommended Choose a single-drive electric vehicle. On the contrary, when the road conditions are more climbing and the load is heavy, it is recommended to choose a double-drive electric vehicle.
In the case of a large slope, due to exceeding the rated power of the single-drive electric vehicle, it will cause more power consumption and insufficient power, while the dual-drive electric vehicle is driven by the joint force of the dual motors, and the climbing will be easier and more energy-saving. .


Post time: Feb-25-2023