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2023 The latest purchase guide for electric scooters

The scooter is a product between convenience and inconvenience. You say it is convenient because it does not require a parking space. Even the scooter can be folded and thrown in the trunk or carried upstairs. You say it is inconvenient. It is because you will encounter some problems when buying. Some merchants will deliberately mislead you when buying from offline stores.

The most important thing is that scooters in some cities are not allowed on the main road, so you must do some simple homework before buying an electric scooter, understand some simple purchase knowledge of electric scooters, and then check your location carefully. Whether the city allows scooters to go on the road or not, or all kinds of troublesome problems will appear frequently after you buy them back!

Today I will talk to you about what to pay attention to when buying an electric scooter, and what problems you will encounter when using the scooter

What is the right size for scooter tires?
The appearance of the scooters is actually similar. There are some main differences that you can’t see from the appearance. Let’s talk about some things that can be seen first.

At present, most scooters on the market have tires of about 8 inches. For some S, Plus, and Pro versions, the tires are raised to about 8.5-9 inches. In fact, there is no big difference between a larger tire and a smaller tire. Yes, you will not have any obvious changes in daily use, but if you have to pass through the speed bumps at the gate of the community or school, or if the road you commute to work is not very smooth, the experience of small tires will be different. Not as good as big tires

Including its uphill angle, the passability and comfort of large tires are better. The electric scooter I am using is Mijia Electric Scooter Pro

The tires are 8.5 inches, and the road on our side is not very smooth, but my scooter can completely understand

The first scooter I bought was two years ago. At that time, I didn’t see any big tires. The point is that I didn’t dare to squat when I first started playing, so I was very slow when riding on the road. After I got used to it, I I have some dissatisfaction with its passability, so if I buy it in the future, I may prefer the larger tire

The largest tire I have seen so far is 10 inches. If it is made bigger, it will have a more obvious impact on its safety and aesthetics. Personally, it is recommended to choose 8.5-10 inches directly, and it is not recommended to buy 8 inches.

What to do if the tire always blows out, how to choose a good tire
In addition to the size of the tires, you have to think about it before buying. There is also a problem of tire blowouts. We won’t name them. You can search the Internet for [Electric Scooter Blowout] and see what the results are. How much, I probably looked at it, and many people are reporting this problem

Although the manufacturer will remind you on the e-commerce page before selling it to you: When riding this product on the street, you must wear protective gear

The models on various promotional posters are wearing hard hats, but let’s look at the friends who ride electric scooters around us. If you don’t have friends, you can go to the street to see passers-by. How many of the 100 passers-by on scooters are wearing hard hats? of? Very little! !

There are many reasons for this. Some people don’t want to buy it, and some people are afraid of spending money. I believe most people are afraid that someone will laugh at you if they wear these protective gear when they go out. We don’t care about the reason, but few people wear it anyway. Protective gear, but if you ride this kind of car, if the speed of the car blows out quickly, it is easy to fall and get injured

When I rode my previous scooter on the street, my eyes were fixed on the road, for fear that something sharp would blow out the tire. This kind of riding experience is very bad, because your whole body is in high tension So I think it is necessary to buy a high-quality tire. My Mijia electric scooter Pro, which has been used for several months, uses hot-melt pneumatic tires. So far, there are no tires. There have been tire blowouts, but why do a few people on the Internet say that Mijia scooters are prone to tire blowouts? I don’t know about it, I guess it’s because the roads they often ride on have a lot of sharp objects

If you are really worried about a flat tire, then just buy a solid run-flat tire. The advantage of this kind of tire is that it will not cause a flat tire, but it is not without disadvantages. Its disadvantage is that this tire is very hard. If you pass When the road is bumpy, the bumpy feeling of the solid tire colliding with the hard ground is more obvious than that of the pneumatic tire

Therefore, if you choose solid tires, you must see whether the front fork of that electric scooter is equipped with mountain bikes.
kind of shock absorber

Solid tires with shock absorbers can absorb part of the shock when you pass through bumpy roads

The braking system of the scooter is very important
Let’s not care about the car, as long as you drive out, you must put safety first. The braking problem is not only for electric scooters, but also for your motorcycles, bicycles, and cars. A braking distance, in theory, the shorter the better, but you can’t be too violent, too violent and you will fly out

Is it necessary to install the seat of the scooter
Some brands of scooters will come with a seat, some have to buy it yourself, and some even don’t have this accessory. I haven’t installed this seat myself, because I think it’s cool to ride a scooter standing up. Of course, this is The secondary reason is that the main reason is that the general cycling distance is not far, and you can reach the destination in about 20 minutes

If you ride for a long distance, then I suggest you install one. After all, sitting is more comfortable, and standing for a long time will definitely be tiring.

Let’s talk about safety. Adding a seat is definitely safer than standing up and riding. If you are on the road, you should focus on safety. Adding a seat is also very simple; I will teach you a trick when buying things on JD. Before you buy Ask the customer service first, you said whether you will give away the seat or other things, don’t be embarrassed to ask, you will save face, and the end result is that you get less than others

Post time: Mar-06-2023